Girl's Day(걸스데이) - How About Me?(나 어때)

Girl's Day(걸스데이) - How About Me?(나 어때)
Title: [MV] Girl's Day(걸스데이) _ How About Me?(나 어때)
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[MV] Girl's Day(걸스데이) _ How About Me?(나 어때) *English subtitles are now available. :D (Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function) Girl's Day, who became the hot issue of K-POP right after their debut, as being a regular member of 'Flower bouquet', the entertainment show of MBC, MC for a game show, and selected as a CF model, is attracting attention from the public again with their new song titled 'How About Me?'. The snew track 'How About Me?', which shows the singing abilities of all members, is a cheerful house dance song for summer in 2010, that was composed by the hit song maker, Shin In-Su, who made songs for girl groups including Fin.K.L, SES, Jewerly, Davichi as well as 'Making Love' of 4Minute and 'We really did love each other' of Navi & K.Will, with the lyric writer, Hwang Sung Jin, who wrote the lyrics for Gummy, SeeYa, and 4Minute. ▶1theK FB : ▶1theK TW : ▶1theK G+ : デビューと同時にMBCバラエティー番組『花束』のレギュラー出演、ゲームMC抜擢、CM出演など、歌謡界のホットイシューとして浮び上がったガールズデイが、デビュータイトル曲「首をかしげて」に続いて披露する新曲「私ってどう?」で再び注目され始めした。 メンバー全員の歌唱力を見ることができる「私ってどう?」は、ノリのいいハウス風のダンス曲で、女性アイドルグループのピンクル、SES、ジュエリー、ダビチをはじめ、4minuteの「愛作り」、ナビ&ケイウィルの「私たちは本当に愛した」などの曲を作ったヒットメーカー作曲家シン・インスと、コミ、See Ya、Secret、4minuteの歌詞を作った作詞家ファン・ソンジンが作った2010年のサマーソングである。 데뷔와 동시에 MBC 예능프로그램 ‘꽃다발’의 고정출연, 게임 MC 발탁, CF섭외 등 가요계의 핫 이슈로 떠오른 걸스데이가 데뷔 타이틀곡 ‘갸우뚱’에 이어 선보이는 신곡 ‘나 어때?’로 다시 한번 주목 받기 시작했다. 멤버 전원의 가창력을 엿볼 수 있는 곡 ‘나 어때’는 신나는 하우스풍의 댄스곡으로 여자아이돌그룹 핑클, SES, 쥬얼리, 다비치를 비롯해 포미닛 ‘사랑 만들기’, 나비&케이윌 ‘우리 정말 사랑했어요’ 등의 곡을 만든 히트 메이커작곡가 신인수와 거미, 씨야, 시크릿, 포미닛의 가사를 만든 작사가 황성진이 만든 2010년 썸머송이다.